Perfect for reaching customers in the most remote places throughout NZ, Australia and the Pacific.

Satellite Services allows you to provide services to your customers in the most remote and hard-to-reach places throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.


Spark operates the country’s largest, purpose-built Satellite Earth Stations (SES) and has been one of the leading providers of satellite services throughout Australasia since the 1970s.


An expert team of satellite engineers, experienced in designing, planning and managing services are available to suit your unique requirements.


Choose point-to-point or hub services and tap into Spark’s state-of-the art Optical Transport Network (OTN) and high-capacity International Bandwidth Services so you and your customers will enjoy high availability and diverse backhaul fibre routes.


Spark is the only tier 1 service provider in New Zealand to own and operate a purpose-built Satellite Earth Station (SES).


Located 45-minutes north of Auckland, near the township of Warkworth, the SES is the largest in the country and consists of 245 hectares of secure property. It provides a low radio noise and interference environment that is not available anywhere else in New Zealand. 


From the SES, we provide a full spectrum of satellite services throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. This includes point-to-point and hub services that allow you to tap into our state-of-the art Optical Transport Network (OTN), Carrier Ethernet and IP Transit networks -  helping to provide diverse fibre transport connectivity of your satellite service.


We will work closely with you to tailor your Satellite Services solution so it meets your specific requirements.

Economies of scale

Access a number of satellites across several satellite owners from a single, purpose-built facility.

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People expertise

Design a satellite service solution to suit your specific requirements with the help of our specialist engineers.

24/7 support

Log faults and receive updates anytime with our international customer care team or self-service portal – a team of experienced engineers will provide any on-site support you require.

High availability

Enjoy high-capacity bandwidth thanks to resilient infrastructure and diverse backhaul fibre routes, as well as extensive local and international reach.


Satellites available for space segment lease include:

  • Intelsat IS-18
  • Intelsat IS-19
  • Intelsat H3e
  • Intelsat IS-805
  • Optus D1
  • AsiaSat 7
  • SES – NSS9

Please contact us for more information on any leasing space that is not detailed here.

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Key features

  • Unique, low interference, secure site location
  • C-band and Ku-band services
  • Point-to-point satellite services
  • IP Transit over satellite services
  • Spark iDirect Hub - space for multiple site deployments with bandwidth sharing
  • Resilient satellite teleport
  • Backhaul via diverse fibre connectivity on Spark’s OTN and Carrier Ethernet network
  • Satellite connectivity to C-band, Ku-band, geo stationary, inclined orbit service
  • Remote hands services
  • Design and engineering team
  • 24/7 support