IP Transit

High capacity connectivity for delivering high-quality content across NZ and globally.

IP Transit services provides a resilient, high-capacity network to enable the delivery of quality content across New Zealand or internationally. 


Our network will enable your end-users to consume demanding digital media and technologies with ease, including high definition digital video, video calling, file transfer and media streaming.


Why Spark IP Transit Services?


Our IP Transit network is built around the Southern Cross and Tasman Global Access cable systems. It delivers a robust and dependable connection between New Zealand, Australia and United States of America - as well as direct connectivity into China and Asia.

Thanks to our extensive peering and relationships with content providers and global tier 1 carriers, you get to experience international IP Transit on a scalable backbone – and enjoy world-class connectivity and speed of content delivery at wholesale prices.


Also, IP Transit services offers connectivity options to Spark New Zealand’s domestic network and users.


This gives you the opportunity to distribute and access content to and from our customers across the group - wholesale, enterprise and residential.


Get upstream, guaranteed bandwidth capacity to suit you or your customers needs thanks to burst-capability.

World-class support

Enjoy network stability with built-in redundancy and security from our multiple peering partners and overseas providers.

24/7 optimisation

Reduce your risk of downtime thanks to around the clock fault resolution via our TransAct portal and NZ-based international customer care team.

Online control

View network performance and monitor your circuit utilisation using helpful web-based graphical tools.


Our International Transport Network includes connections between New Zealand, Australia and mainland USA, carried via the Southern Cross Cable.

The Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN) provides a high-capacity fully redundant fibre ring, designed for maximum fault tolerance. The Southern Cross Cable is managed under contract by Spark New Zealand.

Connectivity between New Zealand and Australia is provided on the Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable. Spark New Zealand is a consortium member on the TGA cable.

Additionally, our IP Transit Services network utilises alternative cable systems to add reach and robustness to your international delivery, including Australia-Japan Cable (AJC) and Asia-America Gateway Cable System (AAG).

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Key features

  • Resilient, high-capacity international transport network
  • Burst capability and the option to scale up or down
  • Tier 1 global connectivity
  • International route diversity connecting multiple points within NZ, Australia, USA and Asia
  • International route propagation management
  • Peering relationships connecting social media and content providers
  • Built-in redundancy and security
  • Range of international or domestic service levels to choice from
  • 24/7 fault restoration and optimisation
  • Online, self-service portal