Perfect for leveraging and managing your connected devices and the Internet of Things.

Spark Wholesale is committed to providing an IoT product suite that will empower service providers to drive innovation across many industries. Connected cars, smart cities, asset management and smart metering are examples of IoT use cases where our capabilities are enabling exciting innovation and solutions.

We are focused on supporting connectivity requirements for global OEM programmes working with international operators, application service providers and OEMs directly.   

Our IoT portfolio is focused on device solutions, connectivity management and IoT networks. 


Spark partner with multiple IoT sensor manufacturers and solution providers to create an ecosystem of IoT solutions for our customers. 

These devices are compatible with many IoT network technologies including LoRaWAN™ * and LTE CAT-M1. All devices are tested to ensure they're certified for operation on our IoT networks.

We work with leading IoT hardware manufacturers to help facilitate custom/prototype device development through our device partnerships based on customer requirements. 

For detailed device guidelines, please refer to the Spark Connected IoT Low Power Device Guidelines document. View Spark IoT Device Guidelines document


Connectivity Management

Cisco IoT Control Centre is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader. Spark partners with Cisco to provide you with an automated connectivity management platform (Control Centre). This ensures the secure and reliable delivery of your mobile data services. Control Centre is a cloud-based platform that automates the connectivity of your devices, and will enhance customer experiences and drive revenue streams.

Lifecycle automation

A complete automation engine that lets you manage your devices by exception, reducing headcount and costs - both for initial deployments and ongoing operational support.

Monitoring and diagnostics

Near real-time diagnostics and analytics allow you to identify and response to unusual device behaviour before it becomes a problem.

Comprehensive security

Multi-layered security controls to safeguard customer data, your devices and IT systems.


Service and usage analytics providing insights from device, network and service platforms data - detecting trends, patterns and events.

Back-end integration

A large application programming interface (API) library to manage devices, change rate plans and much more. Leverage the Cisco IoT Control Centre APIs to standardise and automate your business processes.

Cost management controls

Near real-time cost monitoring and control lowers your TCO and eliminates unexpected spend.

Our IoT networks cater for a broad range of IoT use cases

Key features

IoT devices

Extensive range of devices including modules and sensors across LTE and low power network options.

International OEM partnerships

Support for Global OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) programmes with NZ deployment requirements providing flexible eUICC/eSIM and connectivity solutions.

Self management

Automated provisioning process eliminates dead on arrival scenarios to ensure seamless device deployments.


Management of connection profiles, diagnostic tools for fault management and automation rules to control device behaviours.

API programmes

Leverage API functions to automate and streamline your business processes to support your IoT programmes.

IoT networks

Leverage the unique network characteristics of LoRaWAN™ and LTE Cat M1 to meet the requirements of your IoT applications.