Carrier grade, point-to-point data solution delivering dedicated high performance connectivity between your sites. Perfect for large data transfer within New Zealand.

Spark Wholesale’s Data Transport Service (DTS) is a layer 1 data service delivered over Spark’s Optical Transport Network (OTN). It provides a secure, high-speed service ideal for interconnecting data centres or cloud services.

DTS provides private and high-performing fibre optical paths and will support your most demanding data transfer and application needs. 

Our Data Transport Service is available throughout New Zealand, including unique diversity options across the Cook Strait.

Your future data network - today

Spark NZ are currently upgrading the OTN network with increased bandwidth, optical-restoration capabilities, sub-rating and 24/7 support.


Flexible capacity management for your varying needs. Available in 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps or 400Gbps. Or ask about our DTS Flex Up.


Our DTS service, run on Ciena's optical technology, will automatically change the network data path if an unexpected event is detected. Faster restoration of data service means business continuity for your customers.

Flex Up

A new feature option for DTS. Align data transport costs with usage, only paying for what you need. Remove the need for multiple 10Gbps connections, increase bandwidth as data usage grows. Simple uplifts with no change in access technology required.


Our reliable, secure, high-capacity OTN offers national coverage throughout NZ, via key data centres and exchanges, with multiple diversity options available, including across the Cook Strait.


Check this space for podcasts, videos and case studies on Spark NZ's approach to smart networking with software intelligence.


Whether you are working from home, learning remotely or simply wanting to watch a sporting event online, having reliable connectivity is key. Spark New Zealand’s Jan Jager, Principal Solution Architect joins Matt Syme and Dave Boertjes from Ciena to discuss ways service providers are using intelligent software tools to drive network efficiencies and ensure connectivity - even during unexpected events, fibre cuts or natural disasters.

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Spark NZ are committed to building infrastructure with the best technology providers and providing future innovation to Spark and our customers. We are proud to be Elite Partners of Ciena, the highest level of strategic partnership within the Ciena Partner Network.

Spark adds real-time analytics with Ciena innovations