Perfect for offering a New Zealand based toll free calling service.

Toll Free allows businesses to advertise a free-of-charge number to callers using New Zealand 0800 or 0508 numbers. It offers local, national and international toll free calling, with features that help customers manage their direct channels.


Free call management features such as call redirect and PIN access will help to manage incoming calls. Enhanced features such as geographic diversion, call diversion and prompting will help to manage heavy call loads.


Detailed reporting tools will provide information on unanswered calls, time to answer and other relevant information required to tune the performance of any toll free service.


With Spark Wholesale, it’s easy to set up a new toll free number or port an existing number from another provider.


Spark Toll Free offers a highly reliable toll free calling service. Enabling this is our large-capacity network, which can cater to even the most demanding traffic peaks. 


With all these advantages, Toll Free has a proven track record in helping New Zealand businesses serve their customers.

Toll free to suit

Choose local, national or international toll free numbers starting with 0800 or 0508.

Always available

Automatically divert calls to another number or opt for geographical diversions to direct callers to their closest branch.

Analyse data

Improve performance by analysing location of customer calls, time of day and missed calls thanks to detailed reporting.

Privacy assured

Give callers a 4-digit PIN to access the toll free service and protect your communications.

Call management

Manage heavy call loads and offer a better service with a number of enhanced product features.

Key features

  • 0800 or 0508 number ranges
  • Local, national orinternational toll free calling – incoming and outgoing
  • Re-direct calls with call advance or at preset times with standard time-of-day diversion
  • Confidential PIN for exclusive caller access
  • Easily port existing toll free numbers
  • Detailed performance reporting
  • e-billing
  • Add-on services available:
    • Geographic control
    • Percentage call distribution
    • Call distribution plans
    • Call prompting
    • Courtesy response
    • InfoCall
    • Follow Me
    • Distinctive tone

How it works

Spark allocates toll free numbers that terminate on our nominated Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or mobile access lines. 

These numbers  can be on lines used for ordinary inbound and outbound calls or for inbound toll free calls only.

Toll free calls can come from almost any New Zealand telephone network. They can terminate on any landline or mobile New Zealand number - except other toll free numbers or 0900 numbers.

Any toll free call initiated within New Zealand can terminate on any international phone number.

Spark also offers inbound international toll free calling. Using this, calls made to a toll free number set up overseas will terminate in New Zealand.

While we manage the pricing and contractual arrangements for this service, Chorus will manage the provisioning, billing and any fault resolution required.

Please note: Toll Free is only available to a service provider’s end-user. Residential toll free services such as Home 0800 do not relate to this product.  


Enhanced features explained

Geographic control

Allows one Toll Free number to terminate in separate geographical regions, depending on where the call originated. (Geographic Diversion or Call Screening are other terms used for Geographic Control.)

It also enables screening or blocking of calls from unwanted regions. 

Three levels of geographic region (defined by Spark) divide the country into 17, 74 and 455 regions respectively.

The precise boundaries of these regions are available from Spark and apply only to calls made on Spark's fixed network.


Percentage call distribution

Spreads call answering between different locations and determines what percentage will terminate where.


Additional call distribution plans

Store up to ten answering patterns in advance that customers can activate with a phone call. 


Call prompting

Is an IVR-type service where a pre-recorded message prompts callers to choose what team or branch should receive their call.


Courtesy response

Plays a pre-recorded message to the caller before forwarding the call to the final terminating number. For example, the customer will hear “you have reached [your company name], please wait while your call is connected”. This is useful to avoid charges due to calls made in error. 


Toll free InfoCall

Enables callers to dial a free-of-charge number to hear the message. 


Toll free Follow Me

Changes the answering point of the Toll Free Number(s) using an IVR service. 


Toll free distinctive tone

Adds four beeps to the start of incoming toll free calls so that the receiver can tell that the call is to the Toll Free number.

This is useful where toll free calls terminate on a home phone, as it prompts the receiver to answer appropriately.