OTN 2.0 - new faster, self-healing network ready for wholesale customers


Spark completes roll-out of the first phase of a new generation network

Spark NZ has completed the roll-out of the first phase of its new generation Optical Transport Network (OTN 2.0). It's now ready for Spark's wholesale customers to purchase and benefit from the network's 'self-healing' capability.

Three diverse routes on the OTN 2.0 network can now be utilised; South of Auckland through the centre of the North Island, East and West coast of the North Island and across two Cook Strait cable crossings to Nelson and Blenheim continuing down to Christchurch.  The roll-out of the remaining South Island routes is expected by the end of 2022.

What is Optical Restoration?

OTN 2.0 is based on the same technical principles as Spark’s existing OTN. It deploys light signals of different colours, each carrying a high-speed data stream, in fibre-optic cables across the country. OTN 2.0 increases the speed of the data streams from the current 100Gbps per colour to 400 to 800Gbps (depending on distance) per colour.

As the demand for data grows, OTN 2.0 ensures capacity is available now, and is prepared to support future demand for 400Gbps Ethernet services. 

Optical restoration is initiated if a major network fault (such as a fibre cut) is detected by the network software. If a fault is detected the software will autonomously change the path of affected light signals to bypass the network fault and restore services. The time to move a light signal to a restoration path varies but we indicate it to be between three and 15 minutes.

Where is the Optical Restoration capability available?

Only services that have been migrated to the OTN 2.0 network will be restorable.

These services are now available on the following paths:


Central: Auckland, Morrinsville, Tokoroa, Palmerston North, Wellington

West: Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Levin, Porirua

East: Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington


Cook Strait West: Levin, Nelson

Cook Strait East: Wellington, Blenheim


Central: Porirua to Christchurch Airport Data Centre

West: Nelson to Riccarton via Greymouth

East:  Blenheim to Christchurch via the Kaikoura Coast (under construction)


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