Ideal as a higher performing, lower cost voice access connection.

Advancements in technology, social networking and fast fibre mean people are able to connect like never before. While standard business lines or ISDN delivered over copper may still do the job, many businesses are requiring more from their voice connection.


The emergence of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has brought together telephony and computing and is enabling the delivery of voice-over-a-data circuit to a PBX.  


SIP Trunking is our carrier-grade SIP service that supports Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. It delivers a high quality (G711 & G722) non-contended voice service over UFB or HSNS circuits to an on-premise IP-PBX system.



Our SIP Trunking service provides businesses with a more cost-efficient, higher-performing voice access connection than a traditional ISDN PRA access can deliver.


You can resell SIP trunks to your customers who want to keep their PBX in-house, or alternatively you can consume the trunks for your own hosted PBX service – ideal for your customers who are keen to move to the cloud.

With built-in platform redundancy and eight points of presence across New Zealand, you will enjoy high-5NINES availability. What’s more, a self-service portal allows you to easily manage individual DDIs and Trunk Group routings from anywhere.

Key features

  • ISDN-grade call quality with G711 and G722 non-contended CODECs
  • Highly resilient, future-ready platform delivered by our partner Broadsoft
  • Eight points of presence across NZ providing 5NINES availability
  • Access options - HSNS copper and fibre and UFB from Chorus, Enable or UFF
  • Advanced routing options for load sharing and fail over
  • Disaster recovery options including auto failover and call forwarding
  • A-Party Pass Through when transferring or forwarding call
  • Multiple Services over a Single Access (MSSA) capability – voice and data on the same access circuit
  • Voice delivered over existing internet connections using Over the Top (OTT) delivery
  • Microsoft Lync 2013 certified
  • Self-service online portal to manage settings, log faults, submit orders and get updates


Choice of model

Aggregator model

We install and provide the SIP Trunking service direct to you, allowing you to deliver it your customers over your own local network. You get to aggregate the traffic with your own switch or gateway.

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Reseller model

We install your customer’s SIP Trunking service on your behalf and bill you for this.  This enables you to easily on-sell SIP Trunking to your customer.

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24/7 self service

Log faults, enter orders, receive updates and change settings of individual DDIs and Trunk Group routings with a self-service portal.

Superior quality

Enjoy ISDN-quality voice thanks to uncompressed codes over a data circuit managed by us.

Centralised network

Aggregate voice channels with centralisation of PSTN access that reduces the number of PBXs at remote sites.

Instant scale

Readily scale up or down SIP channels to cater for changes in demand and call routing.

Lower costs

Reduce calling costs for your customers – SIP channels offer significantly lower operating costs than those associated with traditional PSTN access.

Business continuity

Offer auto failover diversity and call forward features, perfect for your customers' critical sites that need to be up and running 100% of the time.

Your billing sorted

Get automatic re-rating from our partner Datagate, who will also prepare and present the bill on a portal (using your brand) and provide a full array of call analytics.