Bandwidth Services

Ideal data connectivity for your business across New Zealand and Australia.

Low latency, high volume and resilient internatinal data connectivity provides the bandwidth that international businesses require to succeed.

Spark Wholesale’s Trans-Tasman Services and extensive New Zealand coverage provides you with a range of solutions for your customers.
Build your backbone with a variety of service and purchasing options alongside our diverse cable systems.


Extensive coverage

Access geographical data connectivity thanks to Spark’s large investment in its own cable systems and alliances with global partners.

24/7 support

Log faults and receive updates around the clock via our international customer care team or self-service portal.


Enjoy high-capacity, low latency, scalable connectivity services with resilient networks and diverse cable route options.

Add-on services

Choose the required level of service protection, automatic restoration or n-Drop services.


Burst capability via Spark’s Trans-Tasman Optical Transport Network (OTN) allows for more bandwidth when you need it.

Key features

  • Diverse cable system options:
    • Tasman Global Access (TGA)
    • Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN)
  • Access to low latency services.
  • Range of service options to meet your customer’s required level of protection.
  • Bandwidth Leasing and Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) purchasing options.
  • On-net access to over 50 data centres in New Zealand and offshore.
  • Easy interconnection to data centres and other cable systems in Australia.
  • Burst capability on sub 1Gbps and sub 10Gbps services delivered via Spark’s Trans-Tasman Optical Transport Network (OTN) equipment.




  • Service endpoints can be extended to anywhere in NZ or Australia subject to charge.
  • Tasman Global Access (TGA) is a PoP to PoP service with diverse Cable Landing Stations (CLS) to Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN).



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Service options

(+) Sub-rateable services available.