Use Spark NZ as your pathway into the Pacific Islands.

Spark Wholesale’s Pacific Ethernet Service provides layer two WAN services based on Spark’s nationwide Switched-Ethernet (EoMPLS) platform that are connected to local ethernet services in the Pacific Islands through Spark partner Network-Network Interconnects (NNIs).


Pacific Ethernet Service leverages Spark's Pacific partnerships for last mile access throughout the Pacific.


The portfolio of Layer 2 services includes:

  • Point-to-point (E-Line: EVPL & EPL)
  • Carrier-to-carrier services (E-Access: Access-EVPL and Access-EPL)



As a switched layer 2 data solution, Pacific Ethernet is used to connect client sites according to agreed speeds and performance standards.


This enables secure connectivity for business applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, network management, direct connectivity to data centres and cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Spark Wholesale also has a local internet service (Pacific Internet Service), utilising Spark's Pacific-based partners.  This is a perfect SD-WAN solution and backup to our Pacific Ethernet Service.  



Secure service

Secure private Layer Two Ethernet Service.

International Service

International services between Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand and United States.

Point to Point

Point-to-point service types, enabling highly flexible network topology options.

Range of speeds

Access speeds that are flexible enough to cater for all of your customers' business needs.

Service reporting

Service Reporting of ingress/egress of Spark’s core network demarcation using Spark’s “MySparkDigital” portal.

Pacific Internet Service

A local internet service utilising Spark's Pacific-based partners. Perfect SD-WAN solution and backup to our Pacific Ethernet Service.

Coverage Map

Our satellite and submarine cable coverage in the Pacific Island area

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