virtual network

Tap into a mobile network service from a provider with a proven track record and an established MVNO customer base.

MVNO Services offers mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) access to Spark’s robust 3G/4G mobile network services - at wholesale rates.


You will receive an end-to-end service, including full network management that caters to on-account, pay-as-you-go, credit card or subscription-based solutions.


Our MVNO commercial model is highly flexible and our service is market-leading – we have an expert team ready to help design and deliver a solution that best meets the mobile demands of your customers.


Choosing Spark will mean your mobile connections will be delivered via our 3G/4G mobile network – a network that we continually invest in to ensure our customers have access to services and a powerful mobile coverage footprint in New Zealand.

As part of our network management, we take the care of legal interception requirements, roaming agreements, SIM card supply, number range management, fraud management, international calling agreements and the supply of calling records on your behalf.


Our mobile network services include national and international voice, SMS, data, international roaming services and core network functions. 


We also offer flexible commercial terms, along with a mobile design and project delivery capability to efficiently deliver you an end-to-end solution. 


Spark Wholesale has built a great reputation in providing local and international services to telecommunications and IT organisations and their customers. We currently maintain partnerships with several MVNO’s.



Embedded SIM option (eSim) for MVNOs, giving your end customers the advantage of more capability, two phone numbers on dual SIM devices and easy switching between networks while travelling.

VoLTE (4G calling)

Give your customers access to High Definition Calling powered by the Spark mobile network - giving faster, clearer call connections and 4G data multitasking.

Managed service

We take care of legal interceptions, calling records, roaming and international calling agreements, SIM card supply, and number range and fraud management.

Extensive coverage

Access a robust mobile connection that delivers 3G/4G coverage in 98% of the places that New Zealanders live and work.

Spark's Network Coverage Map

Flexible options

Provide multiple commercial and service options such as a CRM and customer portal, IVR, USSD, a mobile app and a campaign management tool.

24/7 support

Get started quickly with around the clock support for any assure, fulfill and billing help that you may require.