A2P One
messaging service

The one-stop-shop for carrier-grade A2P messaging at scale across New Zealand.

Spark Wholesale's A2P messaging service offers short code SMS connectivity to New Zealand's three mobile networks. Using a 3 or 4-digit (short code) number, you can send and receive short code SMS messages to any mobile phone in New Zealand via Spark's gateway.


Short codes are ordered via Spark's self-service A2P Portal. The portal is also home to a dashboard which you can use to understand the near-real time performance of message carriage including message statuses, delivery rates, volumes and average delivery time across codes. 


Because you deal directly with the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) you will have carrier-grade service and be assured of premium quality at scale.

Two types of short codes are offered on initial release:


  • STANDARD: Content provider pays for message path to mobile subscriber only. If mobile subscriber replies, they are charged directly by carrier (this code is generally used for outbound transactional texts);
  • ZERO-RATED: Content provider pays for message path to and from mobile subscriber. Carrier zero-rates charges to mobile subscriber for messages to and from the handset (this code is generally used for marketing texts).


Connectivity to Spark is via REST APIs or SMPP.



Deal directly with MNO

Wholesale pricing and carrier-grade support.

Single point of contact

One point of contact for all three NZ mobile networks.

Premium quality at scale

Confidence your messages will be delivered, whether to 1 person or 5,000.

2-way messaging

Ability to send and receive messages.

Online portal

Submit short code requests and edits online.

Performance dashboard