Super-fast, fixed-wireless broadband over Spark's 4G mobile network.

Why choose Wireless Broadband from Spark Wholesale

Spark Wholesale's Wireless Broadband service uses the Spark 4G mobile network to deliver a simple and fast broadband connection to metro, urban and rural areas of New Zealand where fixed broadband may be unavailable or difficult to deliver. 

The service is truly plug and play - requiring no technicians, copper cables or complex wiring. A customer simply plugs in the modem and the service is immediately available.

Our Wireless Broadband service can be permanent broadband access or a 4G backup/fixed line failover in the event of a WAN outage. Broadband plans are open term, so the service can be relinquished and redeployed to other locations such as building sites (subject to availability). It can also be used as a ‘while-u-wait’ solution for fibre installs.

The service is available to some rural areas, can be used as a substitute for RBI or to complement your own wireless internet service coverage.

Delivery to specific areas is dependent on network capability. Spark provide tools to enable quick and real-time information on locations and type of broadband plans available. 


Access to a 4G wireless network that delivers speeds similar to VDSL (depending on location capacity and availability).


No term contracts or individual connections. Choose to upgrade to a larger data inclusion broadband plan without penalty.

Near real-time

Avoid bill shock with usage records generated every five minutes, providing effective communication for your customers.

Range of data plans
for urban and metro

Depending on capacity and availability at a location, a variety of data limits for broadband plans are available for metro and urban areas.


A variety of data limits for broadband plans are available for rural locations.

IP address

A single static IP available without charge, on request.