Perfect for SD-WAN underlays or a white-labelled internet service throughout New Zealand.

Internet traffic that's prioritised for business

Whether you’re after a business-grade underlay for your SD-WAN solution or a white-labelled internet service to complement your ICT product portfolio, our range of Internet Services are designed to meet the needs of your customers, nationwide.

Wholesale Internet Service (WIS): MPLS-based internet connectivity for mission-critical data and applications requiring high availability and secure traffic management. Available in speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

Business Internet Service (BIS): Cost effective, high speed internet access for less critical applications. Ideal solution for those working from home or businesses with small branch offices. Available in speeds ranging from best efforts (xDSL) to 1Gbps.

Using Spark's national MPLS-core, WIS offers a high level of certainty and availability. WIS Premium connections are uncontended across both core and access. This means the Sustained Data Rate (SDR) is available at all times.

BIS has been designed to fill the gap between MPLS-based internet services and consumer grade broadband services. With traffic separated from consumer broadband and business-grade SLAs, customers get the certainty of MPLS for the cost of a broadband service. With routable IP address ranges on request and 4G failover options, BIS is the perfect underlay for your SD-WAN services. BIS can also be used simply as a white-labelled standalone internet access.

All our Internet Services come with unlimited data. 


Contention to suit

Match contention with site/application requirement to reduce costs and increase bandwidth.

Business grade SLAs

Business grade resolution times, ensuring maximum up-time.

Routable IP ranges

Single static IP address by default. Routable IP address range on request. Only available on BIS Standard and BIS Premium.

4G failover

Back-up in case of unplanned outages on fixed connections. Only available on BIS Premium.

CPE services

Procurement, installation and break/fix services for international customers, saving in-country investment.