Perfect for residential calling, faxing and connecting to the internet.

Home Lines offers a standard connection to Spark’s reputable Public Switched Telecom Network (PSTN).


It is designed for residential end-users so they can make and receive telephone calls, send and receive faxes and connect to the internet.

Additional services such as voicemail, caller display and call waiting are available to provide your customers with effective call management. It is easy to set up a new installation as well as re-assign an existing line from another provider. 


As the service is basic, it allows you to package it with your other services such as internet access, toll calls and international calls.

Basic service

Package and sell Home Lines with your other services such as internet access, toll calls or international calling.

Reliable network

Enjoy high availability anywhere across New Zealand thanks to Spark’s highly reputable and closely monitored PSTN.

Call management

Manage calls with optional features such as caller display, call waiting and voicemail and if customers bundle their home line with call minder, they receive a discounted price.

Free local calling

Make and receive unlimited local calls at no charge.

Key features

  • Standard analogue homeline – local calls included
  • Connects to Spark’s PSTN
  • Fax and internet connections 
  • e-billing 
  • Add-on services available:
    • Second line at the same address on the same account
    • Call minder / voicemail available as a bundle with a home line
    • Caller display
    • Call waiting alerts
    • Call diversion – locally or remotely controlled
    • Three-way calling
    • Hotline
    • Call restriction – customer PIN based restriction
    • Permanent toll bar
    • Temporary toll bar – reseller credit management tool

How it works

While we manage the pricing and contractual arrangements for your service, Chorus will manage the provisioning, billing and any fault resolution required.

You pay a monthly rental charge for a standard home line as well as any call usage. It includes unlimited local calls at no charge.

New connections incur a connection fee and installation charges apply to work carried out on an end-user (your customer's) site.

Chorus provides the copper network for any new home line; the price includes this. Alternatively, if you have a Unbundled Bitstream Access (UBA) service with Chorus, the cost of the copper line will be ‘on top’ and billed to you separately.


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