Perfect for business calling, faxing and connecting to the internet.

Business Lines provide standard analogue access to Spark’s reputable Public Switched Telecom Network (PSTN). They are ideal for small businesses who can use it to make and receive telephone calls and/or faxes, as well as connecting to the internet.


They can be standalone telephone lines or combined with other business lines to create a trunk or hunting/series completion group.


Useful services such as call minder, direct dial in and three-way calling are available in addition to provide your customers with effective call management tools.


It is easy to set up a new installation as well as re-assign an existing line from
another provider. 


As the service is basic, it allows you to package it with your other services, such as internet access, toll calls and international calls. 


Underpinned by Spark’s high-performing PSTN, coupled with our outstanding reputation for service, Business Lines is a good choice for service providers that want reliable and dependable analogue access for their customers.


Our Business Lines service is available nationwide and offers an efficient and cost-effective calling and internet solution. 

Reliable network

Provide trusted analogue access for your customers, thanks to Spark’s highly reputable and closely monitored PSTN.

Connection options

Offer your customers the choice of connecting via their analogue device, PBX or direct to their fax machine.

Call management

Manage calls effectively and offer better customer service with a choice of additional calling services such as voicemail, caller display, call transfer and call waiting alerts.

Fast install

Set up in as little as three days - dependent on copper availability on-site.

Key features

  • Standard analogue business line – excludes calls
  • Connects to Spark’s PSTN
  • Analogue or PBX connections
  • Fax connections 
  • Chorus managed-provisioning, billing and faults 
  • e-billing 
  • Add-on services available:
    • Call minder – voicemail
    • Caller display
    • Call waiting alerts
    • Call diversion – locally or remotely controlled 
    • Three-way calling
    • Dual number
    • Call transfer
    • Faxability – dual number with different ringing cadence for calls to a second number
    • Hotline
    • Series completion – hunting feature for multiple lines
    • Call restriction – customer PIN based restriction
    • Permanent toll bar
    • Temporary toll bar – reseller credit management tool
    • Customerlink – permanent diversion to another number – no physical line required

How it works

While we manage the pricing and contractual arrangements for this service, Chorus will manage your provisioning, billing and faults.

You or your customer pay a monthly rental charge for a standard business line as well as any call usage, including local calls and add-on services requested.

New connections incur a connection fee and installation charges apply to work carried out on an end-user site.

Chorus delivers the copper network for any new Business Lines and will add it ‘on top’ of any UBA service you may already have with them. Alternatively, the Business Line price includes the cost of the copper line.


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