Perfect internet connectivity when fixed line is unavailable or as a mobile failover.

Mobile Broadband is powered by our fast 3G/4G network and offers a range of solutions to keep your customers connected via mobile.


Businesses can use our service to access a mobile connection when fixed line connectivity is unavailable or as mobile failover for outages. 


Mobile Broadband is also perfect as mobile data-only connections for staff working in the field. A self-service portal will allow you to rapidly provision your mobile connections – providing instant connectivity without the need to pre-order. 


It will help you service your customers with speed – ideal for those that need to relocate staff or require instant backup.


The portal will provide you with the smarts to effectively manage your connected devices and the cloud-based platform will provide visibility of devices wherever they may be.

For greater in-house control, we deliver our mobile broadband traffic directly into your network via a private Access Point Name (APN) – this will allow you to add and create your own mobile propositions to your customers.


Why Spark Mobile Broadband?


Connectivity over fixed lines is not always the ‘best connectivity’ option, especially for those who need an instant service or don’t have fixed access in their area. And many businesses are moving to cloud-based computing, centralising applications to support its remote workers and those who work on the go.


Our mobile broadband service will let you rapidly provision new connections, as well as easily monitor and troubleshoot the connections from anywhere via a cloud portal.


Your customer’s mobile traffic will be securely delivered to your network via a private APN and our market-leading 3G/4G mobile network – providing the highest levels of service reliability. 

Rapid deployment

Set up new connections and sites up and running fast with a wireless router that is easily to install.

Cloud based

Provision, access and troubleshoot your connected devices anytime, anywhere using the online self-service portal and its smart tools.

Data control

Develop unique mobile service offerings to your customers with all traffic routed from devices into your network via a private Access Point Name.


Enjoy high service reliability with a robust mobile connection that delivers 3G in 97% and fast 4G in 90% of the places that New Zealanders live and work.

Key features

  • Robust 3G/4G mobile network
  • Fast provisioning for rapid deployments
  • Mobile redundancy services for network outages
  • Connectivity to temporary sites independent of fibre access
  • Secure remote access solutions
  • Integration of mobile data traffic with company LAN/WAN
  • Control end-user access to mobile broadband and data
  • Deployment of complete end-to-end bespoke mobile solution over a secure and reliable network
  • 24/7 assure, fulfill and billing support
  • SIM card supply
  • Wireless routers available for purchase at discounted prices
  • Flexible service platform functionality including:
    • Self-activation and self-provisioning
    • Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring
    • Remote control of devices in the field
    • Automation engines for hands-off monitoring
    • Real time invoicing and reporting.