Perfect for large data transfer within New Zealand.

Data Transport Service provides a carrier grade, point-to-point solution for
connecting customer sites at specified speeds and performance


The connection runs directly over Spark’s high-capacity Optical
Transport Network (OTN) and will support even the most demanding data
transfer and application needs.


It is available throughout New Zealand via Spark data centres and
exchanges as a managed or unmanaged service, and offers a range of
service protection options to suit differing businesses requirements.


Our Data Transport Service supports businesses that require large amounts of data to be transferred between data centres, cloud services or data warehousing - where very high bandwidth and real-time performance is a must.


Your customers will benefit from having their own, exclusive point-to-point access that runs over Spark’s nationwide, high-capacity Optical Transport Network (OTN) – and is managed 24/7 by our technical experts.


With three service protection options, multiple interface capability and metro or national connections, businesses can seamlessly connect to data centres, cloud services or complement existing networks in a way that suits their unique requirements.

Reliable connection

Enjoy a high performing service thanks to a resilient and dedicated point-to-point fibre connection.

Control option

Opt for us to manage the service and pick your required service protection level.

Quality of service

Choose from a range of Service Level Agreements thanks to a carrier-grade service that integrates with Spark’s cloud and data centre services.

High speed

Get flexible bandwidth offering speeds from 1Gbps, 10Gbps or 100Gbps.

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