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WAN Services offers a completely private, Layer 3 IP network. It provides dedicated bandwidth for data traffic and a router-less IPVPN service so that you or your customers have the flexibility to monitor, manage and support their network themselves.

Underpinned by Spark’s highly resilient MPLS core network with high-performing speeds and the choice of on-net or fibre access, WAN Services is a perfect option for businesses wanting to connect multiple locations within New Zealand.

Why Spark WAN Services?

Our WAN Service is a router-less IPVPN service designed for system integrators. It allows you to integrate and overlay an end-to-end service for your customers.

As the responsibility of the technical design and capability is yours, you get to specify requirements as well as provide and configure your own CPE devices.

Traffic is automatically routed via Spark’s highly secure and reliable MPLS core network and speeds are flexible enough to cater to a range of customer needs.

Dynamic class-of-service and a range of diversity and service protection options are just some of the additional features that make WAN Services a good choice for businesses wanting to gain efficiencies from their network.


Key features

  • Layer 3 data service
  • Supported by Spark’s nationwide MPLS network
  • Metro and national services
  • Flexible bandwidth - 1Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Dynamic class-of-service options for application prioritisation
  • Router-less IPVPN
  • Service reporting
  • Access diversity and service protection options
  • Key data centre and multi-tenant sites connected via:
    • 23 NZ on-net exchanges
    • 20 on-net data centres
    • 2 Sydney international connects
  • Access types:
    • On-net - direct connection where co-located in an exchange or data centre
    • Dark fibre 1G to 10G - HSNS Fibre Premium, UFB Bitstream or HSNS Fibre Lite and Bitstream 3.

Key benefits


Service protection

Get extensive protection against malicious attacks and support for business continuity using a purpose built network.

High availability 

Provide customers with a resilient network and diversity for their critical sites that need to be working 24/7. 

Flexible service

Tailor the service to suit, from small to high transmission and bandwidth requirements and metro or national connections, there is flexibility for your customer to grow.

Detailed reporting

Access multiple ‘quality of service’ options and prioritise applications to create business efficiences.

Best of breed

Leverage Spark’s national MPLS network to connect sites via local access providers - delivered at Layer 2 with MEF 2.0 international accreditation.


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