Connects your network to Spark’s PSTN to enable a highly reliable calling service

PSTN Interconnect connects your network to Spark's reputable Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) so you can provide both a fixed and/or mobile calling service to your customers.

It’s a base calling service that allows calls to terminate to any Retail Service Provider (RSP) in New Zealand whilst tapping into discounted calling costs made possible through our established agreements and market buying power

Why Spark PSTN Interconnect?

Spark PSTN Interconnect provides you a basic, yet highly reliable calling service that you can ‘dress’ with your own voice services to meet your customer needs.

We own the largest copper network in New Zealand, making our service a smart choice for providers wanting a low-cost option to terminate calls to any Spark or RSP customer in the country.

What’s more, we maintain interconnect agreements with other major telecommunication providers and through our scale and buying power, we are able to pass discounted calling costs directly on to you.

Key features

  • Connects to Spark’s PSTN
  • Enables fixed and mobile services
  • Lowest cost option to terminate to Spark customers
  • Enables termination to any RSP in New Zealand

How it works

To interconnect with our network, your network needs to be compatible with our PSTN. This means your network equipment will need to use the ITU G703 transmission standard and CCS7 signalling protocol.

Independent testing of your equipment will be required to confirm that it complies with the Permit to Connect (PTC) standards established.  This will ensure networks work properly together and provide a satisfactory service to you and our end users.

More information on the PTC process can be found HERE

Each PSTN Interconnect service agreement is negotiated individually. Our standard reference offer can be found HERE



Key benefits

Base services

Get basic calling capabilities at a no-frills price and easily add additional voice products to offer your customers a full service.

Reliable network

Be confident that you are offering your customers a high-performing calling service that is underpinned by Spark’s reputable and closely monitored PSTN.

Price advantage

Tap into the largest copper network across NZ and achieve cost savings with our established agreements with other RSPs – our scale becomes your benefit.

Market access

Terminate the service to any RSP customer in New Zealand.

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