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Perfect for high-speed, white labelled internet services throughout NZ

Internet Services offers a range of white-labelled, carrier-grade internet services designed to meet your customer’s needs wherever they may be throughout New Zealand.

From basic contented ADSL/VDSL broadband to fully uncontended direct internet access (DIA) for mission critical data and applications, we have a solution to suit.

All of our internet services come naked with unlimited data, 24/7 self-service portal and a 12-month contract term that builds annuity revenue into your bottom line.

Why Spark Internet Services?

Internet Services is specifically designed for New Zealand telecommunication providers, resellers and international carriers who don’t want to invest in expensive infrastructure, yet would like a carrier-grade internet service to complement their ICT product portfolio.

It will enable your customers to access the internet to do anything from simple web browsing to more complex access of cloud-delivered services such as Office 360, managed mail or hosted PBX voice services.

Internet Services will cater to your customers with large head offices who have secure high traffic requirements, as well as those with smaller branch offices around New Zealand who need secure access company VPNs.


Key Features

You can choose from the following three service options:

Wholesale Broadband

Best suited to small offices with low traffic requirements.

  • Best efforts, asymmetrical, contended service
  • Delivered on ADSL, VDSL or UFB (Bitstream 2)
  • Naked / no phone line
  • Unlimited data - no overage charged
  • Free modem
  • Self-install - simply plug and play
  • Single static IP address available on request
  • Can be bundled with SIP on same single access
  • Choice of five plans:
    • ADSL Unlimited: 5-20 Mbps download / up to 1 Mbps upload
    • VDSL Unlimited: 15-60 Mbps download / 5-18 Mbps upload
    • UFB100 Unlimited: 100 Mbps download / 100 Mbps upload
    • UFB200 Unlimited: 200 Mbps download / 200 Mbps upload
    • UFB1000 Unlimited: 900 Mbps download / 400 Mbps upload


Wholesale Internet Services (WIS)

Best suited to businesses that have high-traffic requirements and require a managed service.

  • Best efforts, symmetrical, 4-to-1 contended service
  • Delivered on UFB (Bitstream 3a)
  • Single VLAN flat rate service
  • Mixed national and international traffic
  • 4-to-1 contention
  • Naked / no phone line
  • Unlimited data - no overage charged
  • Single static IP address (/31 P2P) provided by default, routable range on request
  • Multi-Service Single Access (MSSA) compliant product - can be delivered in combination with SIP Trunking over a single access
  • Choice of three plans:
    • WIS30: 30Mbps download / 30Mbps upload
    • WIS100: 100Mbps download / 100Mbps upload
    • WIS200: 200Mbps download / 200 Mbps upload


Wholesale Internet Services (WIS) Premium

Best suited to businesses that have high-internet traffic requirements and require a managed and non-contended service.

  • Dedicated access, symmetrical uncontended service
  • Delivered on HSNS fibre or UFB (Bitstream 3)
  • A high-speed, symmetrical, non-contended internet access service
  • Access from end-user’s internal IP networks
  • Enables end user or reseller service management
  • Enables national and international services
  • HSNS or UFB access options
  • Naked / no phone line
  • Unlimited data - no overage charged
  • Single static IP address (/31 P2P) provided by default, routable range on request
  • Choice of two plans:
    • WIS Premium: 100 - 100Mbps download / 100Mbps upload
    • WIS Premium: 200 - 200Mbps download / 200Mbps upload



Wholesale Broadband Service

ADSL/VDSL plans are available wherever Chorus currently provides copper access. UFB plans are currently available in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Hamilton.


Wholesale Internet Service (WIS)

Is available wherever UFB has been installed, including all four local fibre zones provided by UFF, Enable, North Power and Chorus.


Wholesale Internet Service Premium (WIS Premium)

Available wherever HSNS fibre or UFB is available.

Key benefits


Internet to suit

Cater to all of your customer needs wherever they may be across New Zealand with services ranging from ADSL to DIA.

Unlimited data

Avoid bill shock for your customers thanks to no data caps.


Run internet servers, including web servers, email servers and VPNs with Static IP addresses.

24/7 self-service

Log faults, enter orders and receive updates 24/7 with a self-service portal.


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