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Deliver to your customers needs

It is our mission at Spark Wholesale to deliver products that you can use to extend or differentiate the service you offer to your customers.

Our digital capabilities are cutting-edge and have been designed to meet the needs of international carriers, New Zealand telecommunication providers, New Zealand channel partners - and their customers.


Successful model

Once you have mapped out the services you wish to deliver to your customers, our experts can advise you on what Spark Wholesale products will best help you deliver these. Our technical design and delivery team can help tailor a solution to suit your specific requirements.

For your benefit and before you become a Spark Wholesale partner, we ask you to meet the following pre-requisites – key areas that we have come to understand as essential in ensuring you succeed in the highly competitive and often complex ICT industry. 


Essential partner pre-requisites:

1. Billing

The ability to bill your end-users.  We will provide a monthly file detailing your Spark Wholesale costs.  Your billing system can use this information to invoice your end-users.

2. Customer support

A call centre with the capacity to meet your end-users' needs for service, as well as the ability to manage basic faults.

3. Trading history and payment security

A completed credit application, credit evaluation and a form of payment security.

4. Contractual arrangements

After entering a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect any private information we exchange, we discuss your needs in more detail and give you more information on pricing and contractual terms.

Together we will set up a Wholesale Services Agreement, Operations Manual and Service Level Agreement.

NB: Different contractual arrangements will apply for our interconnect services.



Complete our Become a Partner Form.


IMPORTANT: If you are a residential or business customer and want to discuss your telecommunication requirements please contact your service provider. If you wish to connect directly to Spark's Unbundled Copper Local Loop (UCLL) please contact Chorus.



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