ISDN Basic Rate Access

Integrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Access (ISDN BRA) allows service providers to offer data and voice services to smaller businesses (typically SME-sized)  that require high speed data transmission and want integration of voice, fax and data traffic over one access line. 

It provides two 64 kbit/s channels (B Channels) into end-users premises over the existing telephone line.  ISDN BRA is ideal for high bandwidth applications and high speed calls where the average daily traffic on each channel is less than one hour. 

Smartphone services can be incorporated with Basic Rate Access to increase end-user functionality.

This is an agency product and should be ordered via Chorus.

Key Benefits

ISDN Basic Rate Access allows service providers to offer end-users: 

  • Connection of a small/medium size digital PBX to the telephone network
  • Voice, data or video communications over a single access line
  • Transmission of high resolution or graphics or large files at high speeds
  • Replacement of existing modems with a faster, more reliable solution
  • Remote dial-up access to their Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Leased circuit backup, or bandwidth, or demand for overload
  • High speed intermittent Internet access. 

For more information on ISDN Basic Rate Access download the product profile.

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